'Interlude' (Siouxsie & Morissey)  8"x8" panel. 2017 

Figures can be altered to represent your physical characteristics, or that of a loved one or celebrity. This is a mixed media piece: collage and acrylic painting.

Paintings and Digital Art Commissions

Choose your own toys and RAD characters to be painted on canvas or panel OR Have a digital character created to your specifications!

Collaborate in person, phone, FaceTime or Zoom.

Plan ahead as it may take weeks or months to create. 

Artist always retains rights to the image,

not the physical work of art.

Paintings on this page are from previous commissions. 



$300. per toy figure or element, on canvas or panel.

May depend on size. Contact for estimate.


$50. an hr.



$200. (12"x12" panel) and up.


Shipping prices not included.



OR direct message @RaddingtonFalls on Instagram

'Forever Young' Digital art

'Puppy Love' Digital art Paste-Up on painted & collaged 12"x12" panel.  

Hair and clothing color, as well as objects held in hands, can be changed to suit your needs.



Toyland Wars Dollar (for Reid)  2'x4' acrylic paint on canvas, 2021

Figures based on well known toys especially those loved by the client, plus RAD doodle characters like the angry cloud, sun and pencil and RAD characters like Super RAD and Lil' Teddy.